Free Stained Glass Kite Project Guide

  • Perfect project for begining artist and advanced artist
  • Simple to complete stained glass project
  • Customize the project with your favorite colors of glass
  • Excellent to give as a gift

Kites have been around for centuries, and are popular worldwide; ranging in design from simple paper kites to incredible colorful designs. Design your own one-of-a-kind kite and let your art soar. Kite patterns designed and created by artist Lanayia Shaw.

  • Glass of Your Choice
  • 60/40 Solder
  • 7/32" Silver Backed Copper Foil
  • 16 ga Pre-Tinned Copper Wire
  • Copper Sheet
  • 1/4" Rings
  • 2 Suction Cups

Step 1
Step 2
1. Print and resize pattern as desired. Projects shown are approximately 8-1/2" x 11".
2. Cut glass following the patterns provided. Note: Dotted lines show where to cut if not using a glass saw.
Step 3
Step 4
3. Wrap all edges in copper foil tape and burnish.
4. Cut foil sheet to create bow shapes. Cut pre-tinned wire to desired length for tail. Our wire measures approximately 8" - 10".

Step 5
Step 6
5. Position pre-tinned wire over center of bows. Flux and solder together creating kite tail. Position wire in between center of main kite pieces.
6. Arrange flux and pieces, solder together. Flux and solder reverse side. Note: Use layout blocks if desired to create straight edges.
Step 7
Step 8
7. Apply flux to a jump ring and position so it aligns with solder seams on the top of the kite then solder.
8. Tin copper bows.

Step 9
9. Wash with a flux neutralizing cleaner, finish with patena and polish as desired.