Free Beveled Glass Pattern

Product Features

  • Slanted edges refract light into a rainbow of colors
  • Beveled glass creates beautiful sparkles of light
  • Requires minimal glass cutting - uses stock bevels
  • Traditional lead came design to compliment any design style
  • Finished panel measures 14 1/4" x 16 1/4"

Let the Light Shine in!
The slanted edges of bevels refract light into a rainbow of colors - both inside the glass and onto your walls, floors and ceilings. This gorgeous panel is certain to light up your room with eye-catching beveld glass in a variety of shapes to add interest and detail. Watch the video to see how easy it is to make this stunning panel. Create one today using the free pattern and supply list provided or add your own details for a personal touch. 

"I have always enjoyed using pre-cut bevels in unexpected ways. For this piece, I simply arranged the bevels into an interesting pattern making sure to cluster them for optimal refracted beauty. Next I added cut lines around the bevels and added some border shapes. The pattern possibilities are endless and you can fill in the space around with textured clear or colored glass as desired. The only rule of thumb is to have fun creating your one of a kind beveled panel." - Chandra Rusk

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Project Idea: Use eye-catching dichroic or colored bevels to add a pop of color to your panel. 

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Artist Credit: Chandra Rusk