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Published: December 13, 2013
Whether you're making a stained glass project or glass fusing project one of the essential skills is knowing how to cut glass. In this demonstration we will be showing the tools and the techniques for cutting glass using handheld glass cutters, running pliers, and breaking pliers.
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    Breda Glass Nippers

    Hear from our glass expert Roy Kapp as to why these are top notch nippers. Why we love them as why they will last for years to come.

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    Turn on Your Creativity with the Studio Pro LED Light Pad

    A good light box is a necessity for every glass artist. Use it for tracing patterns, marking patterns on glass, or English Method glass cutting as well as comparing glass samples to pick colors. Sleek thin profile design measures 1/4" high and has a generous 23-5/8" x 15-3/4" acrylic tracing surface. Smart design allows you to control the brightness, simply hold the power button to adjust ultra bright-LED lights! Convenient wall mount plug in.

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    Panel Vise

    An old favorite is back - the Panel Vise! #StainedGlass #ExtraHand #ThirdHand #Soldering #SolderingTool

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    Drilling Holes in Glass #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val demonstrate how to drill holes in glass.

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    Glass Cutting Basics #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val cover the basics of glass cutting during a Facebook live. They cover the different type of cutters and how to use them. Along with running pliers and breaker/grozer pliers.

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    The Abrasive Stone - Most Under Rated Tool for Any Glass Artist

    Whether you are looking to smooth your glass edges or remove small bits of unwanted glass, the abrasive stone is a quick and easy way to get this accomplished. #GlassTool #GlassArtist #AbrasiveStone

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    Unboxing The Grinder 3

    Unbox The Grinder 3 with us and see all it has to offer. Like what you see? Link to our website

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    Ameritool Lap Grinder Kit: What It Includes

    Roy shows you what all is included in the Ameritool Lap Grinder Kit. Visit it on our website to learn more:

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    Lap Grinder Maintenance

    Roy shows you just how easy it is to maintain the Ameritool Lap Grinder.

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    Ameritool Lap Grinder In Action #FacebookLive

    Roy shows you the NEW Ameritool Lap Grinder in action! He goes over what is included in our kit as well as use and machine maintenance.

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    WAZER Waterjet Cutter

    Roy and Daisy are showing you our WAZER Waterjet Cutter in action! This tool is amazing. If you can dream it, the WAZER can cut it. Take a look at just some of our creations made with it. Want your own custom cut? Follow the link to get the details:

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    Beetle Bits vs Cutter’s Mate #Facebook Live

    What cutting system should I get? We get asked this question a lot. Watch our Facebook Live where Roy and Val show you the benefits of both the Cutter’s Mate as well as the Beetle Bits.

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    Where do you see the Art Glass Industry and Creator’s in 10 years?

    The Wall Street Journal does a special edition each year called the future of everything. We thought it would be fun to apply that to our industry. Where do you see the Art Glass Industry and Creator’s in 10 years?

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    What Makes Creator's Products Different

    Hear from Ray why Creator's tools are different from some of the others on today's market.

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    Ray's Favorite Tool from Creator's

    Ray, do you have a favorite tool or is it like asking you to pick a favorite child?

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    How Many Employees Does Creator's Have?

    You will be surprised to find out the answer! We love a close knit business.

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    Creator's Design Process

    Hear the BTS from Ray of Creator's and his design process.

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    How to Hold a Pencil Glass Cutter

    Roy shares his tips for how to properly hold the Toyo Dry Wheel Supercutter to ensure a good score.

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    Changing the Blade on the Taurus 3 Ring Saw

    Follow along with Roy as he changes the blade on the Taurus 3 Ring Saw. #GlassTools #RingSaw #GlassSaw #StainedGlass #FusedGlass #FacebookLive

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    Changing the Blade on the Diamond Elite Bandsaw #FacebookLive

    Follow along with Roy as he changes the blade on the Diamond Elite Bandsaw. #GlassTools #Bandsaw #GlassSaw #StainedGlass #FusedGlass #FacebookLive

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