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Published: May 10, 2012
Delphi instructor Steena Gaut demonstrates two easy methods for cutting circles in glass. One involves a carbide wheel cutter (pencil grip or pistol grip) and a grinder, and the other involves the Glastar Circle/Strip Cutter. A third method is mentioned using a Bandsaw. Glass circles can be used in a variety of stained glass and fused glass projects.
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    Start A New Hobby

    We're Delphi Glass and we are here to help you get started!

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    Oceanside Gradient Glass Packs #Reel

    Looking for a quick way to stock up your studio? Gradient packs are perfect to add your favorite hues to your glass collection. Each pack contains 6 pieces each 6” square. Ideal for doing stained glass, fusing or mosaics! #DelphiExclusive #GlassPacks #Fusing #StainedGlass #Mosaic #Gradient #BeCreative

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    Etching #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val show you how to etch a variety of projects; drinking glasses, mirror, a bevel, box lid and dichroic jewelry.

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    Pulling Vitrigraph #FacebookLive

    Learn how to pull vitrigraph with Roy and Val. See how they fill the flower pot, learn best glass practices and see it in molten action.

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    Unboxing The Grinder

    Not sure what grinder to purchase? Unbox The Grinder with us and see all it has to offer. Like what you see? Link to our website

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    Learn All About Bandsaws and Ring Saws #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val will show you a few of the bandsaws and ring saws we carry. They'll show you how they work and talk about what makes them unique.

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    Visual Glossary of Glass Terms #Reel

    There are so many types of glass and words that describe them. Not sure what they all mean? We're going to break it down with our visual glossary of glass terms. Glossary of Glass Terms Architectural Glass Produced in large sheets and characterized by consistent color (often clear) and texture, architectural glass is ideal for large installations. Art Glass Created by hand ladling and mixing molten glass, each piece is unique and may vary considerably throughout a sheet, and from one sheet to the next. Aventurine Metallic looking chips of mica create a sparkling, "glittery" looking glass. Cathedral/Transparent The terms cathedral and transparent are used interchangeably. Available in a wide variety of colors and textures, it is glass that you can see through and allows complete light transmission. Double Rolled A smooth glass with very little texture, double rolled glass is created by using a double set of rollers during production. Fracture-Streamers Paper-thin shards and curving glass threads on clear or white background. Chopstix Made of random pieces of straight stringers that are scattered over a clear background creating a bold, graphical glass. Glue Chip A cathedral glass with a surface pattern created by glue that is applied to the surface during the manufacturing process, it is often described as "Jack Frost" or "Fern Glass" and used extensively as a background glass. Mardi Gras Festive glass that combines frit (rock-salt sized glass granules) and streamers (threads of glass) on a clear background. Mottled Translucent glass with opaque spots of color, mottled glass can contain one or more colors per sheet, and is well suited to organic imagery. Opal/Opalescent The terms opal and opalescent are used interchangeably, and are used to describe glass that can range from completely opaque (glass you cannot see through) to semi-opaque. Opalescent glass may be a single color, or contain multiple colors. Rolled Edges Also referred to as "ends", rolled edges are the irregular, slightly thicker edges of a sheet of art glass. Semi-Antique/Antique and Restoration These terms are used to describe glass presenting characteristics of old glass, especially mouth-blown glass sheets. Glass features slight textures, ranging from seeds (tiny air bubbles), to linear striations. Stipple Stipple glass captures the waxy, ice-like look of the authentic Tiffany style. It uses crystalline to disperse light, allowing color to come through the glass unaltered by the opal. Streaky Contains two or more colors that are swirled together, creating streaks of color, streaky glass can range from transparent to opaque. Wispy A clear or cathedral glass containing wisps of white glass like thin cloud trails. Translucent Often referred to as "milky", translucent glass allows some light transmission, and is a popular selection for lamps and windows when some privacy is desired. Note: Translucency refers to the degree of light transmission, as affected by the proportion of opal, white or color, in the glass. Actual light transmission is also related to the color intensity and texture of the glass. #ArtGlass #ArchitecturalGlass #Aventurine #Cathedral #Chopstix #Transparent #DoubleRolled #FractureSteamer #GlueChip #MardiGras #Mottled #Opal #Opalescent #RolledEdges #SemiAntique #Antique #Restoration #Stipple #Streaky #Wispy #Translucent

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    Glass Strikers #Reel

    Strikers - what they are and what that means for your glass. #FusedGlass #KilnformedGlass #Striker #GlassArt #BeCreative

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    Flameworking Basics #FacebookLive

    We are lighting up the torch! Roy and Val are talking about flameworking basics. Review the tools and supplies needed to get started. Watch Val create a bead using both a hot head torch as well as a Carlisle Hellcat Table Top Torch.

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    Repairing Stained Glass Foil Panels #FacebookLive

    In this Facebook Live video Roy and Val will show you how they repair stained glass foil panels. You will see how to fix both interior and exterior pieces.

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    Wispy Bevel Cluster Comes To Life #Reel

    Watch this bevel cluster come to life! Created With: ??Wispy Bevel Cluster #13065 - Only While Supplies Last ??Oceanside Teal Green Transparent Waterglass #X5232W ??Oceanside Clear Iridized Granite #XI100G #ProductToProject #CustomPanel #StainedGlass #AnnualBevelSale #Bevels #StainedGlass #GlassArtists #DailyInspiration #BeCreative

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    Raking with Roy and Val #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val show you the exciting technique of raking! See how they comb designs in glass when the temperature is approximately 1650 - 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Tiffany Lamp Method #FacebookLive

    In this Facebook Live video Roy and Val show you how to use lamp forms, talk about glass selection as well as the creating process. Link to supplies.

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    Life Cycle Of An Order

    Have you ever wondered what happens after you place your order? Here is a look behind the scenes. #LifeCycleOfAnOrder #DelphiGlassOrders #BTS #OrderProcess

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    Cutting Glass Sheets Down

    Ever wonder how we cut down all the glass? Roy is here to show you how. #GlassCutting #Scoring #GlassArtist

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    3D Stacked Glass Trees 2 Ways #FacebookLive

    In this Facebook Live video Roy and Val will show you how to create 3d stacked trees 2 ways. Watch them cut and stack these fun trees as well as share a fusing schedule. Supplies we used today. Firing Schedules Tack Fuse Ramp Temperature Hold Segment 1 300°F/hr (149°C) 1000°F (538°C) 20 minutes Segment 2 300°F/hr 1270°F (687°C) 5 minutes Segment 3 9999 or Full 900° F (482°C)* 1-1/2 hours * Annealing temperature for 90 COE glass is 900° F (482°C). Annealing temperature for 96 COE glass is 950° F (510°C).

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    What's to Love About the The Grinder Cookie

    Hear from Delphi experts a few reasons we love the The Grinder Cookie.

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    What's to Love About the The Grinder 2

    Hear from Delphi experts a few reasons we love the The Grinder 2.

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    What's to Love About the Glastar Circle Strip Cutter

    Hear from Delphi experts a few reasons we love the Glastar Circle Strip Cutter

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    What's to Love About the Studio Pro LED Light Pad

    Hear from Delphi experts a few reasons we love the Studio Pro LED Light Pad.

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