Silberschnitt Running Pliers

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Product Features

  • Silberschnitt helps you cleanly break even the most dramatic score lines
  • Imported from Germany premium quality glass tool

Product Description

The patented design of these running pliers helps you cleanly break even the most dramatic scores. The upper jaw of the plier can be adjusted to match the score, so you can break out inner curves and even the smallest glass strips precisely and without splintering. Durable and strong, these aluminum pliers will safely break glass up to 5mm. Take the stress out of your glass cutting with these amazing running pliers!

Bohle has made quality art glass tools since 1923; crafted in Germany. Due to importation costs, price and availability subject to change.

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3 out of 5 stars
  •   Expected a bit more from this product
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Pros : Easy grip
Cons : No way to tighten pad so if you are working with straight lines, you have to keep adjusting it.
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Worth every $$$
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Pros : These running pliers have saved me hours/days of frustration and many sheets of glass, especially when cutting tricky curves or ‘unfriendly’ types of glass. Wish I had bought these years ago.
Cons :
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Love these!
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Pros : These pliers have made a huge difference in the way I cut glass. I am now able to cut deeper curves and longer straight lines with less breakage. Well worth the money!
Cons : Not quite as effective on thicker glass, but a light tap underneath the score helps.
Other Thoughts : You do need to practice when you first get these to learn how much pressure to use. If you use the same pressure as with the heavier pliers you're used to you can shatter the glass.
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