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Metal Clay

PMC3 Clay - 16 g PMC3 Clay - 16 G
Making Your Own Silver Jewelry is Now Unbelievably Easy! Silver Jewelry Clay is Easy as 1-2-3! 1) Molds Like Clay 2) Fires Fast 3) 99.9% Fine Silver! Jewelry clay is a revolutionary way to make fine silver jewelry that is 99% pure silver. PMC (Precious Metal Clay) is a mixture of tiny particles of silver, an organic binding agent and water. This user-friendly clay can molded and worked like clay, then... more more info
Product Features
  • Create 99.9% fine pure silver jewelry without expensive equipment
  • Low-fire formula - Great for firing with glass
  • Roll, stamp and hand-form your way to custom jewelry
  • Can be fired with a Hot Pot, hand held torch, SpeedFire Cone or in a kiln
  • Shrinks about 12% during firing
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item: 68813
Delphi EZ Pro 15-6 Kiln
40 stars [5]
$874.95 $774.95
$100.00 off
item: 1045
PMC3 Deluxe Jewelry Clay Kit
50 stars [3]
$154.95 $143.95
$11.00 off
item: 1041
Silver Jewelry Clay Starter Kit
$151.95 $131.95
$20.00 off
item: 1056
Metal Clay Starter Kit For Kiln Owners
40 stars [1]
$154.95 $134.95
$20.00 off
item: 69708
PMC3 Syringe
50 stars [1]
item: 62604
item: 69720
Tool Pouch
40 stars [2]
item: 62605
item: 68707
item: 67058
Agate Burnisher
$22.95 $13.93
40% off
item: 64401
Fire Brick
40 stars [1]
item: 67018
Hot Pot
45 stars [3]
item: 1066
item: 1046
PMC Ring Kit
item: 69725
item: 69777
Pliers Block
item: 69756
item: 425702
item: 62602
item: 72002
item: 17101
item: 67030
item: 67019
PMC3 Paste
item: 6722050
Micro Torch
item: 63423
item: 93900
item: 95501
item: 63233
Ring Sizer
item: 68704
Create metal jewelry with exquisite detail. Metal clay can be shaped and textured using inexpensive tools, then fired to become nearly pure precious metal jewelry. Delphi is proud to carry both PMC and Art Clay brands.

Delphi Tip: Low fire metal clay and ideal firing range to be combined with Dichroic or Fusible Glass when fired in your glass kiln. Add color accents to any metal project with Metal Enamels.