13 Ways to Overcome Artist's Block

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It's not just writers that suffer from writer's block. Artists fall victim to a similar condition.

You're sitting alone in your workspace looking around and...nothing. You've lost the ability to produce a new idea, much less a new work of art. Sometimes the "absence" is temporary - just a moment or two. Other times you mull around for weeks feeling lost.

What do you do to get your creative juices flowing again? We asked our Facebook fans to share their ideas. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Play loud music. Cut and break glass. - Amy M.
  2. Step away. Look for inspiration elsewhere. Go to a museum, watch a program about something unusual. Just do something new. - Jacque D.
  3. Pinterest! - Dawn M.
  4. Go for a walk. Look for nature to inspire you. -Shirley J.
  5. Clean your workspace. Then get out and explore somwhere - even if it's only the mall or a local park. - Deanna A.
  6. Look through a Delphi Catalog. - Marjie B.
  7. Go to an art show or gallery. - Deborah S.
  8. Color in a kid's coloring book. - Jude W.
  9. Take a walk in the woods, sit and listen to the birds, walk down to the water and watch a sunset. - Debbie M.
  10. Look at other people's work (Etsy is a great resource) - not to copy it, but to figure it out, and put your own spin on it. - Beth W.
  11. Just work. Even if it's not particularly good work. It will eventually lead to something. - Jacquie M.
  12. Ask your family or friends if you can make them something. - Sherry H.
  13. Check the glass websites and go to art festivals. Put jazz on Pandora, breathe and maybe just sleep on it. - Robert F.
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Sue W.  •  January 16, 2012
At the start of each year I make a list of projects for the year ahead. Some are gifts, some are things that sell well, some are first attempts at new projects(this year I AM going to make a tiffany style lamp) some are things I enjoy making. I stick my list on the wall in my studio and when I am stuck I start something on the list and invariably inspiration comes for the next project while I am working.
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sally v.  •  January 13, 2012
I have been "lost" for 2 yrs now, just getting back into the studio this weekend. I found a study in a tree across all 4 seasons that has, me intrigued, lets hope this breaks the creativity lull!
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Kathryn L.  •  January 13, 2012
I go to my studio and look through my glass, Rearrange it a bit. Pretty soon it just "speaks" to me and away I go.
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Sheila M.  •  January 13, 2012
I'm so there right now. All these suggestions are great ideas!!
Julie Bedford

Julie Bedford

Julie graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Communications. She worked as a marketing director and graphic designer before coming to work for Delphi as social media manager. Her mother is an artist and inspired Julie's love for art and creativity at a young age. Her hobbies include writing, crafting and social networking.