4 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Today

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Chances are, right now, in reading this blog post, youre avoiding an overdue task. I too was avoiding a laundry list of work-related tasks in writing this. Procrastination is a part of life, and its certainly always been a part of mine. As a teenager, my parents would accuse me of putting off everything from piano practice to math homework. Id vehemently deny their charges hissing back, I work better under pressure!The truth was, I often felt overwhelmed, under-productive and anxious. Over the years, Ive been able to combat my avoidance issues using 4 tools. The trick is constantly reminding myself of these actions, because they do not come naturally to me.

1. Just Say No! I say yes to everything. Need someone to head up that event? Sure! Want me to design 12 posters for the Car Wash? No problem! Take your kid to daycare? Of course! Saying yes inevitably leads me to bite off more than I can chew. I often say yes because Im afraid if I dont, the chore wont get done, or wont get done as well. I finally realized, so what? Chances are, if it doesnt get done, or done as well, it wont be the end of the world.

2. Keep your To-Do List Short. Once you decide what you are going to say yes to, make a to-do list, but keep it short. Limit yourself to five or fewer tasks per day. I have the bad habit of including everything that needs to get done from now until Christmas. One look at that list, and Im completely overwhelmed. This leads me directly to the armchair in front of thetelevision.

3. Do the Most Labor Intensive Tasks First. For most people this is the hardest behavior to change. Its easy to look at your list, do one or two easy tasks, and go take a nap (with those tough tasks lingering in the back of your mind.) Ive found that its easier in the long run to MAKE YOURSELF do the less desirable tasks first. Youll be amazed at the relief youll feel knowing that what youve got left to do is a piece of cake.

4. Reward Yourself for Each Task. Plan a reward for yourself for each task you complete. For example, when you finish filing your taxes, go take a walk (or eat a bowl of ice cream, whatever suits your fancy) Having something to look forward to can make the toughest tasks go faster and give you an incentive for doing them sooner.

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Julie Bedford

Julie Bedford

Julie graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Communications. She worked as a marketing director and graphic designer before coming to work for Delphi as social media manager. Her mother is an artist and inspired Julie's love for art and creativity at a young age. Her hobbies include writing, crafting and social networking.