Thinking About Making an Identical Set of Dinnerware?

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Your aunt has asked you to make an identical matched set of bowls for her. But Im going to suggest that you try to get her to think differently. Experience tells us you can repeat a design to create a set that is close but chances are they will not be precisely alike (thats one of the appeals of handmade). So instead of identical, work within a design theme then create variations on that design to give each item in the set individual character. In other words, plan to make your designs different right from the beginning and people will appreciate your creativity as a special endowment. Besides matched sets are made by a robots not one-off artists like us fusers.

This Randys ProTip brought to you from the book Introduction to Glass Fusing by Petra Kaiser. Visit Wardell Publications.

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Randy Wardell

Randy Wardell

Randy Wardell has been in the art glass industry for more than 30 years and has done it all, from teaching to selling retail supplies and running a custom glass studio, to managing a major glass wholesale warehouse. In 1983 he founded Wardell Publications Inc. to produce instruction and pattern books for the glass craft industry. Randy is the author of 10 books and his company has created and released more than 50 published products into the market. He is a writer, editor and frequent contributor to glass craft magazines and informational websites.