The Notch and Fire Polish Technique in Jewelry


Most of us have the perception that great art can only be created by mastering intricate and complicated procedures.However when you listen and learn from really creative people very often you will find the most effective touches are added using straightforward and uncomplicated techniques.

Master teacher Jayne Persico uses a simple technique called Notch and Fire Polish to add dramatic designs to her jewelry creations.

Jayne uses a diamond wiresaw to cut notches and scroll work into her glass jewelry blanks. Then she fire polishes these scroll-notches allowing them to take on a lace-like appearance. The effect is beautiful on its own but the addition of wire wrapping and glass beads will take the work to a whole new level of sophistication.

Discover how you can create masterworks like these in Jaynes jewelry book Innovative Adornments.

This Randys ProTip brought to you from the book Innovative Adornments by Jayne Persico. Visit Wardell Publications.

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Randy Wardell

Randy Wardell

Randy Wardell has been in the art glass industry for more than 30 years and has done it all, from teaching to selling retail supplies and running a custom glass studio, to managing a major glass wholesale warehouse. In 1983 he founded Wardell Publications Inc. to produce instruction and pattern books for the glass craft industry. Randy is the author of 10 books and his company has created and released more than 50 published products into the market. He is a writer, editor and frequent contributor to glass craft magazines and informational websites.