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Delphis 40th Year Anniversary is quickly approaching, which will be commemorated with the release of the 2012 Annual Catalog.Our constant commitment to making art glass accessible to everyone by providing the largest selection of supplies and art glass has truly made us innovators.

One of the ways we stay on the cutting edge is to bring tools and products that enable the process of creating to become enjoyable and rewarding for everyone. This month we are featuring two of our vendors whose products support the mission of Delphi and embody innovation.

We recently caught up with the President of Creator's Stained Glass, Inc. and Inventor of the Cutters Mate, CirclePro and Strip Pro, Ray Nicholas. He told us the story of what sparked his creation of these tools.He began creating stained glass in 1992.His services become so in demand that by 1996 he had developed the Cutters Mate to create efficiencies in cutting glass through the cutting systems four key features crucial to the perfect cut: Cutter
  • CSG-10 carbide cutting head
  • Oil-fed cutting head
  • Constant Pressure built into the weighted handle
  • Most importantly, the cutting head remains at a 90 degree angle to the glass
Ray has said that the most rewarding aspect of inventing the Cutters Mate is to see how much it has helped people who may have had to quit doing stained glass because of a handicap. He was also very specific in pointing out that all of the tools his company manufactures are made in the USA. Check out some of the cutting tools and waffle grids Delphi carries from this innovating company.

The second featured vendor, Creative Paradise, Inc., is the company that partnered with Delphi and Craig Mitchell Smith to create the Delphi exclusive line of molds that we have highlighted in the past. This month we are highlighting their other molds that have taken the art of fusing glass to new levels. Their products make it possible for artists to create art for art's sake. Where most glass molds assist artists in making functional pieces, the Creative Paradise mold's take fused pieces into the realm of sculpture. Just some of the molds from this vendor include:

As stated on their blog: We have talented sculptors and mold makers on staff. We have the resolve to innovate and the resources to experiment. Every glass mold we market has been designed specifically to be a glass mold and it has been performance tested before it is marketed. We also have several very talented glass artists available to create top quality samples for each of our molds. These artists contribute greatly from beginning concept to finishing touches.

Email me pictures of your creations made using the products featured in this post. Any pictures received will be posted to our Facebook albums.
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Darlene W.  •  May 27, 2014
These pages really get the juices flowing. There are so many things that you put on the back burner, only to have them revisited. New ideas come along. Thanks for the support!!!!
Chandra Rusk Agostini

Chandra Rusk Agostini

Chandra currently serves as the Marketing Director for Delphi Glass. She graduated from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration in stained glass. She studied under the direction of master stained glass artist  Frederick L. Leuchs. After graduation she continued her work in glass during a year long apprenticeship at Southern Art Glass studio in Lakeland, FL, under the direction of glass artist and designer Marni Johnson. She continues to pursue her passion for glass and hopes to broaden the spectrum of her expertise to include all facets of art glass. She her Delphi Artist Gallery here.