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We are excited about the Spring 2014 lineup of talented glass art experts teaching classes at Delphi's Creativity Center in Lansing, MI. Each artist brings their own unique skill set and techniques that any student from beginner to professional artist would enjoy.

First up is cast and kiln formed glass artist, Gloria Badiner. Badiner is a former scientist and studio artist living and working in rural Southwest Michigan. Her studio, Arts & Artifacts, makes commissioned and custom kiln formed glass for architects, designers and furniture makers. Commissioned work includes cast panels, high relief tiles and sculptures as site-specific installations in businesses and residences.

Her sculptures include fused, kiln cast, sand cast and dalle de verre works mostly on an intimate scale and are often mixed with copper, silver, stone, bone and found elements. The themes of night and day, nature and human ritual are strong themes woven into her work.

For those interested in attending Badiner's class at Delphi this Spring, check out the details below. Hurry, as seats are limited and filling fast!

Class: Kiln Forming- A Review with Gloria Badiner

Starts: April 11, 2014 Ends: April 13, 2014

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Every artist needs to freshen and review procedures and techniques from time to time. This class is designed to help artists broaden skills and make the most of their kilns. We will examine the best methods of kiln fusing, slumping and casting.

Small exercises will take the student through a comparison of techniques creating a series of samples to serve as reference in the studio. This is a hands-on, fast paced session. Students are encouraged to bring in work that has not met their expectation for critique and trouble-shooting.

Blue Sky- cast glass with printed images and gelatin and iron transfer

Badiner's most recent three-dimensional exhibitions display a commonality of The Offering. A series of kiln cast bowls filled with cast, fused and found objects honoring the needs of humans, i.e. food, medicine, fire, family, art and creativity. Recent two-dimensional works include a series of cast glass panels for a wall waterfall installation and a commission for an Embassy in Washington DC. She also serves as a technical consultant to the glass and ceramic industry and teaches kiln forming throughout the United States.

Offering- Eat Your Words- kiln formed bowl with applied transfers to fused tiles

Altar- Food for Thought
- kiln formed glass in lampworked glass jars with walnut

Tablet- Food or Fuel- cast glass with gelatin and iron transfer

Arts Artifacts Studio- outside view

Inside the studio. High Relief Panels for Ronald McDonald House- in the kiln above and installed below.

Don't miss your chance to learn from and work with Gloria Badiner at the Delphi Creativity Center this Spring!

Can't make it to this class? Interested in other areas of glass art? Delphi has something for everyone. Browse the entire class schedule and find the class that is perfect for you.

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Chandra Rusk Agostini

Chandra Rusk Agostini

Chandra currently serves as the Marketing Director for Delphi Glass. She graduated from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration in stained glass. She studied under the direction of master stained glass artist  Frederick L. Leuchs. After graduation she continued her work in glass during a year long apprenticeship at Southern Art Glass studio in Lakeland, FL, under the direction of glass artist and designer Marni Johnson. She continues to pursue her passion for glass and hopes to broaden the spectrum of her expertise to include all facets of art glass. She her Delphi Artist Gallery here.