Household Items as Tools-Part II

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Last year, we asked our Facebook fans to tell us how they use regular household items as tools in glass art creation. We got a fantastic list of ideas! When we asked again this year, we got a few more great tips to share. Here's the list, Part II. Thanks everyone!

Folger's coffee buckets for scrap glass

A cut-up cardboard box instead of a grinder shield

The plastic tops of milk containers for holding flux while working

Spoons for frit to roll beads in; baby spoons to hold small amounts of frit

Silverware basket from dishwasher to hold tools

Canning jars to hold frit

Wooden toothpicks for mandrels

Stainless steel bowls and containers for slumping

Page protectors to keep patterns dry while grinding

Cut an apron out of old plastic tablecloth to use while grinding. Use a kitchen apron as a pattern - no sewing involved!

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Monica M.  •  June 13, 2011
I find that using racks made for pots and pan lids make a great rack to hold sheets of glass or smaller. I ask friends and co-workers to save any plactic tubs (from sourcream, grated cheese, etc) with lids to nip glass into or to store extra nipped glass when I teach workshops. I use painters tape to write the color on the outside for easy identification. I keep my fused glass scrap in plactic pencil boxes. I use a sharpie to identify items like clear textured dicrohic, or black dicrochic, or blanks. Blanks are great for teaching fused glass jewelry. It starts the beginner students with a base they can build on for their project. Usually after the first one they make, it inspires them for the next piece. Then there are hooked.
Debra L.  •  March 21, 2011
I use my sticker machines from scrapbooking for sticking pattern pieces to the glass - so easy!
Denice B.  •  March 21, 2011
I recycled a large plastic *tote* (Rubbermaid type bin) as a splash guard around my saw. I lay it (the bin) on it's side and put the saw in it. ( there' s a hole in the back corner, from where I dropped the bin...that's where I 'snake' my cords thru). Keeps my area nice and clean and you just have it wipe it down. I also, recycle empty salsa jars for my frit. Wooden chop sticks work great as 'fid's for foiling. Old wooden silverware divider works great for separating glass when getting ready to cut or grind it. Also, I recycled a 'muffin' pan from Costco and turned it in to another sorter bin for small pieces. =}
becky s.  •  March 21, 2011
I went to hobby lobby when they had science fair display boards half off( which they do regularly) cut in half it works great as a shield around my grinder, they are coated so they last a long time, I have been using this half for about 2 yrs and have the other half for next time. I also use q-tips for applying flux. Also clear shelf liner plastic is great to laminate pattern pieces if you are using them more than once.
Lesa O.  •  March 21, 2011
Rotating spice rack w/jars to hold frit
doris r.  •  March 21, 2011
i use old canning jars to hold all my small pieces of glass so i can crush them later when i want something differant
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