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From our Facebook fans, here are a few household items that can be used as tools in art glass creation. Some great ideas here!

Hairspray for gluing (the non-aerosol kind, the cheaper, the better!)

Olive oil for your glass cutter

The spoony straw from a slush puppie for pouring small amounts of frit

Butter knives for bead making

Chinese take out containers for storing smaller pieces of fusable glass. They are rectangular and stack well with a clear lid. Also, the soup containers to store frit (each size of frit in its own container stacked within the others of like color and only the top one needs a lid, and they are clear)

Glass yogurt pots for storing frit and other bits

Plastic containers that tubs of crystal light comes in for storing smaller pieces of glass. I also save the tubs for mixing glue/water, frit and water, paint, etc.

Shelves that hold plastic bins for toys. Theyre great for storing scrap pieces of glass, sorting them out into colors.

Needles stuck in pencil erasers for drawing designs in frit/paint

Small skewers for smoothing copper foil and drawing designs in frit/paint

Metal pick set (like dentists use - found at Harbor Freight) for all kinds of things

I use wooden manicure sticks to burnish foil

Embroidery hoop for constructing a round panel. The hoops come in sizes up to 18 inches.

Carmex for those inevitable nicks and small cuts you get. It seals out the air so you can keep working

Wooden spring clothespins separated for burnishing foil

Chop sticks-they make great mandrels and burn out completely in the kiln

Burnish foiled nuggets by shaking them in a small plastic margarine container

Wooden chopsticks for smoothing copper foil.

Carmex over sharpie pattern lines to maintain the line while grinding

Rubber page-turner finger tips for grinding.

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Glenn C.  •  July 10, 2016
I use round tooth picks to plug the ends of tubes when making hinges. No solder gets inside.
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Donna S.  •  March 18, 2011
I buy inexpensive page protectors to put my patterns in when I grind glass. It keeps the pattern dry and can be used even through soldering.
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Kim V.  •  March 18, 2011
I use canning jars to hold frit. Baby spoons to place small amounts of frit. Wooden toothpicks for mandrels. Stainless steel bowls & restaurant containers for slumping.
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Sonya B.  •  March 18, 2011
I cut an apron out of an old plastic tablecloth to use when I am grinding. I used a kitchen apron as a pattern. No sewing involved!


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