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Like all glass artists, I love color. Any color, every color but one color in particular. Purple.

So, when Radiant Orchid was named the 2014 Color of the Year in the spring Pantone color report, I will admit I was pretty excited.

Radiant Orchid manages to combine the luxurious richness of purple with the light-hearted fun of pink. Drawing from both the purple and pink color families, orchid elicits feelings of passion and energy it is associated with insight, mystery, magic and ambition as well as hope, peace and good judgement. Plus, being in the purple family, it is considered a royal color; who doesn't love that?

From flowers to dusky sky scenes, this surprising shade can really make a project pop!

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Artist: Cheryl Smith, from Delphi's Artist Gallery Artist: W.K. van't Land, from Delphi's Artist Gallery Artist: Kevin Saxo, from Delphi's Artist Gallery

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Rui L.  •  February 17, 2014
What a lovely glass.
Karina Foster

Karina Foster

Karina Foster been at Delphi since 1998. She started in customer service and later transferred to the merchandising department where she currently works to create Delphi catalogs and marketing materials. She is also responsible for Delphi's e-Commerce program. In addition, Karina is a talented glass artist. She has always loved art in any form, and has a self-proclaimed "over-stuffed" home art studio to prove it.