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Here's our list of 5 Favorite New Items from the November 2013 edition of Stained Glass News.

In addition to information packed articles, every issue of Stained Glass News features the newest items for glass artists. Read on to learn more about these exciting supplies.

1. Papyros Kiln Shelf Release Paper in Precut 13" Rounds
Time seems to be in short supply these days, especially during the busy holiday season. Save time and say goodbye to wasted shelf paper with Papyros Precuts. The convenient 13" round pieces are die-cut to fit your 14" 16 kiln, so you'll never be stuck trimming shelf paper when you'd rather be cutting glass and creating. Each piece offers the full benefits of this favorite kiln liner it holds up, often for several firings, and clean up is a snap! At Delphi, you can find Papyros Precuts in 4 convenient pack sizes, so you'll always have the right amount on hand choose single pieces, a pack of 25, 50, or 100.

2. Studio Pro Tools
The Studio Pro Tool Caddy offers a simple solution to wrangle all your stained glass essentials. The durable ABS plastic organizer features convenient compartments for everything from marking pens and glass cutters to pattern shears and pliers. Four slots keep your most used foil at your fingertips and tangle-free. Prevent messy spills with the flux bottle holder, and enjoy the safety of a built-in soldering iron stand. Keeping your studio organized has never been easier!
If the tools in your workshop earn their keep by serving more than one function, this tool is sure to find a spot as a favorite. The Studio Pro Circle and Strip Maker offers up versatility that can't be beat. Not only will you find yourself reaching for it to score strip after strip for perfect borders, but by simply changing the base you can quickly move to creating precision circles. A simple set-screw design allows you to use this tool with your favorite glass cutter, or get even more use out of it by pairing it with a pencil or pen for drawing patterns, or using it with a craft knife to cut paper, plastics and more. The rigid metal bar is laser etched with measurements in 1/16 increments and is also calibrated with metric engravings in mm.

3. Spectrum Fuser's Reserve Glass
Spectrum offers up a way to keep things fresh in the workshop with their Fuser's Reserve Glass. This year, we've seen the release of 3 limited edition Fuser's Reserve Opal Art colors - Southwest Opal Art, Candy Cane Opal Art and Christmas Opal Art. These incredible mixes always go fast (Southwest and Candy Cane have sold out). But did you know that you can always get your hands on Spectrum's scrumptious un-cataloged glass? The Fuser's Reserve Glass Pack is a little like a box of chocolates - you never know what you'll get. Every pack includes a random assortment of the latest styles of Fuser's Reserve limited edition glass colors - so you'll always have something new to try.

Fuser's Reserve Packs are a perfect way to get unique, tested compatible glass.
Limited Edition - Don't Miss Out!

4. Creative Paradise Patty Gray Molds
If you've been dreaming of exploring new depths in fusing, you'll be excited to find the new molds from Patty Gray and Creative Paradise. Three fantastic dam molds make it easy to create thick slabs of glass without the tricky task of building a dam on the kiln shelf. You can fill the mold comfortably on your workbench then simply place it into your kiln to fire!
The 6 x 6 square is excellent for thick pattern bar pieces and custom tiles. The large 8 x 10 dam mold is ideal for thick pattern bar panels which can be rolled into vases.
A large 10-1/2 diameter round dam mold is a stunning way to create perfect blanks for show-stopping slumped bowls. Looking for that just-right mold to form your bowls? The Large Round Slump Mold is a smoothly rounded 11-1/2 diameter x 3 deep dish with a seamless round bottom so your pattern won't be distorted by the contour of the mold.

5. Texture Molds

Creative Paradise's newest texture molds are a spectacular way to make fused art. Whether you simply imprint the texture into single color glass, or fill the texture with color frit for fantastic detailed pictures, these stylized designs will make an impression. These 11 round designs are ideal for making show-stopping plates and bowls.
Here for the season, the Poinsettia Texture Mold features a stunning design with flowers and leaves that will look equally beautiful in traditional red and green or in icy blue hues.
The Art Nouveau inspired Peacock Texture Mold will add fanciful flair to your decor. Peacocks have appeared in art as a symbol of beauty and wealth for centuries - make a decadent dish of your own with this mold.
Capturing a bit of summer is easy with the Peony Texture Mold. Enjoy flowers that won't fade with big blossoms, buds and foliage that spill out to the edges of the mold.

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