Glass Art Is A Personal Way to Honor Traditions

Glass artists have the unique opportunity to celebrate holidays by creating art to honor traditions.

Passover is no exception.

This eight day festival is celebrated in spring, commemorating the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. The highlight of celebration is the Seder, a 15-step family tradition and ritual-infused feast that is served on a special Seder Plate. Designing a custom Seder Plate is a perfect way to honor the tradition.

Incorporate favorite colors, create a modern square version, or add dazzling dichroic accents to dress up your design. Shop Seder Plate Molds to get started creating your own.

Below are some beautiful variations on Seder Plates from glass artists that are fantastic examples of some of the ways you can personalize projects.

This modern take on the Seder Plate features iridized glass and hand painted gold lettering, by Art Glass.

Glassdesign dresses up the traditional round Seder Plate shape with dichroic accents.

Yafit Glass brings a lively color pallet to this Seder Plate with vibrant transparent glass and gold hand-lettering.

Artist Kerry Silver of Silver Fusion Art Glass uses vibrant color and iridescent glass in a beautiful abstract pattern in this modern Seder Plate.

Dawn of Creation Glass has used the beautiful pattern of the glass as the focal design in this Seder Plate, then accented with contrasting glass bowls.

Artist Beames has incorporated shimmering mica and gold hand lettering in both English and Hebrew into this stunning Seder and Matzah Plate set.

Tamara Baskin Art Glass takes advantage of air bubbles to give depth to the enamel color border in this beautiful Seder Plate with matching enamel lettering.

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Cindy B.  •  October 21, 2019
Whenever I try to make a Seder plate, the rim of the plate pulls inward to allow for the well for each ite, resulting in a wavy uneven circumference. I would really appreciate any advice I could get on the subject. thank you!.
Karina Foster

Karina Foster

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