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Something better than pumpkin spice is coming…Michael Dupille will soon be at Delphi’s Lansing location for a 3-day class on frit fusing. Micahel Dupille, making Seattle frit and fabulous since the 1970s, brings with him his expertise, charmingly referring to his technique of painting with glass from crushed glass bits or frit as we know them along with firing methods as fritography.
Considered a pioneer in the field of kiln-formed glass, Michael’s sold out class will be held for those who seek to garner his wisdom at any level from beginner to pro. The 3-day event will begin with a class on Beginning Fritography. Those in attendance will get the special chance to learn and explore new techniques that will help them design on a completely new level and add more sophistication to their pieces.
Michael will also show how to create distinct shapes, give surfaces unusual finishes, the proper firing schedules, and how to make murals. A variety of frit sizes will be incorporated, resulting in unbelievable effects.
Spending 3 days with Michael is a treat for many new and avid glass artists. He’ll be sharing his thoughts on color theory and imagery. Plus, guests will get to work with him one-on-one and get his expert guidance.
Michael’s one-of-a-kind style brings glass art to life. Check out his amazing gallery to see all the beautiful things he’s made. We’ll share photos of this 3-day event on our Facebook page so if you haven’t liked our page yet, make sure to do it now so you don’t miss out!
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Jenn Raskin

Jenn Raskin

Jennifer Raskin is an internationally published writer with a not-so-secret craft obsession. She joined the Delphi team to combine two of her favorite things - writing and creating art. In her spare time, she loves to play with her kids, cook, write and have craft parties with her friends.