How to Make a Wind Chime Using Recycled Wine Bottles


This is the perfect time of year to spend some time outside. If you enjoy your garden and outdoor spaces, try making some fun wind chimes with your old wine bottles.

Wine bottles are very sturdy, they will last a long time in the elements. The echo of sunlight through the glass is beautiful. You can use a single color of wine bottle in your chimes or mix it up with blue, clear or green. Add beads and some wire or colorful string to dress them up a bit.

Try your hand at creating your own garden art and enjoy the music. This video tutorial explains how to make these beautiful wind chimes.

Post and video courtesy of Cindy Shepard and Design Originals.

For more great bottle art ideas, check out the Bottle Art book.

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Cindy Shepard

Cindy Shepard

Cindy Shepard is a mixed media and jewelry artist who incorporates reclyed material into her work. As an artist, she finds ways to repurpose old materials that others might discard into jewelry, art, and functional home decor items. Favorite materials include glass bottles, assemblage, acrylic paints, paper, and anything else recycled. She enjoys teaching crafts, and recently published her first craft book. A collection of step-by-step instructions and 61 project ideas, Bottle Art explores different ways to use old glass bottles for artistic purposes. "As a recycle artist, I am always on the lookout for the objects that are so ordinary they escape notice. I transform the mundane into the masterful using salvaged items."