You Can Make Bottle Art


I have stashed away old jars and bottles for many years. As an avid wine lover I have amassed more than my fair share of wine bottles. I use them to line my flower beds, as bottle tree sculptures and in some of my art pieces.

When I discovered the Ephrem's Bottle cutter it became an indispensable tool for recycling and reusing these old jars and bottles. I instantly made myself a complete set of water and juice glasses. They remind me of the jelly jars and mason jars I drank from at grandma's as a child. Everyone who comes to my home loves them too and wants me to make a set for them.

In this video I share some of the projects from my book Bottle Art and show you how to use the bottle cutter. It is very simple and you can often get more than one project from a single bottle. Try slicing off rings in different widths until you cut the bottle to the desired height of the glass you are making. I use these rings to make wind chimes or even jewelry. If you want to add goblets to your drinking glass collection, simply turn the top of the bottle upside down once you have cut it, epoxy the lip of the bottle to the base and enjoy your beverage of choice. Watch the video on YouTube now.

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Bottle Art the book, and the Ephrem's Bottle Cutter.

Waste not, want not are words my grandparents lived by. As a recycle artist, Cindy spends her hours in the studio exploring new ways to salvage found materials. Her book on 'Bottle Art', by Design Originals features innovative ways to recycle glass objects.

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Cindy Shepard

Cindy Shepard

Cindy Shepard is a mixed media and jewelry artist who incorporates reclyed material into her work. As an artist, she finds ways to repurpose old materials that others might discard into jewelry, art, and functional home decor items. Favorite materials include glass bottles, assemblage, acrylic paints, paper, and anything else recycled. She enjoys teaching crafts, and recently published her first craft book. A collection of step-by-step instructions and 61 project ideas, Bottle Art explores different ways to use old glass bottles for artistic purposes. "As a recycle artist, I am always on the lookout for the objects that are so ordinary they escape notice. I transform the mundane into the masterful using salvaged items."