How to Set the Dinner Table


First, gather your table elements.

1. Table cloth

2. Table runner

3. Place mats/chargers

4. China/dinnerware

5. Glassware

6. Cutlery

7. Condiment sets

8. Candles

9. Napkin rings

Second, arrange your elements.

1. Forks go on the left, knives and spoons on the right. Work from the outside in, so the cutlery that will be used first should be furthest from the plate. Knife blades should face inward, toward the plate. Cutlery for dessert (spoon or fork) can be placed horizontally above the plate or brought out with dessert.

2. The napkin should be placed to the left of the plate, under the fork(s) or in the center of the plate (as pictured top left.)

3. If serving bread, place a small plate above the forks and include a butter knife.

4. Glasses should be placed above the knives.

5. Dress it up! Add napkin rings and personalized place cards for each guest.

Art Glass objects are perfect for jazzing up a dinner table. For more inspiration, read 6 Tips for Decorating Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table with Art Glass.

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Julie Bedford

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