How to Use Two Pieces of Mirror Back-To-Back


Can I use two pieces of mirror back to back in a window so it will look nice from both sides?

Yes, you can. Like any pieces of mirror you use in a panel, youll want to use a sealant of some kind (ask your supplier for a recommendation) on the edges and back side of each piece before placing them back to back. The sealant is used to help prevent black rot a discoloring of the mirror caused when something nasty, most likely the flux, gets between the mirrored surface and the glass itself. The sealant is applied after youve cut and ground each piece of mirror to its final shape.

Once the mirrors are cut and sealed, hold them back to back and wrap a wide foil (probably 3/8 if youre using 1/8 thick mirror) around the edge of both pieces together. You now have a piece thats 1/4 thick. Keep this in mind when you solder it in place because its going to stick out on one side of your panel or the other (or a little on both sides). I hope you werent planning to construct this window with lead, because itll be hard to find a came appropriate for the job.

Another option is to use front surface mirror. Its reflective on both sides so you dont need to plate two pieces together. FS Mirror is used a lot in kaleidoscopes because of its superior reflective qualities, but its less than half the thickness of your standard glass so now youve got the other extreme to deal with when soldering.

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Vicki Gillespie

Vicki Gillespie

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