New Molds from Creative Paradise


When youre in a creative slump, try slumping with a new mold!

Delphi just added three new molds from Creative Paradise to its selection. Ive attached information on each of these molds, along with project ideas to get you inspired.

These fusing molds are made from ceramic clay and are highly durable. But be sure to cover them well with kiln wash before use to prevent cracking. Four coats of kiln wash is recommended.

Slumping 3-D Sunflowers

Step 1. Trace the slumping mold onto a piece of paper, so you know how large your glass can be. Begin arranging glass on this pattern, starting with the flower base glass.

Step 2. Arrange flower petal glass in layers and fuse.

Step 3. Arrange the fused flower on top of the mold and slump.

Slumping Pattern Bar Plates (pictured top left)

This unique dam mold makes it easy to make pattern bars or thick fused glass. Interior measures 2-1/2 x 6.

Step 1. Cut up small pieces of your favorite glass or use scrap glass to create a base layer.

Step 2. Use long strips of fiber felt (item#4824) to create the channels. Fill around the fiber with scrap glass.

Step 3. Fuse in kiln. Use a tool like the Super Slicer (item#57108) to cut the glass into pattern bars.

Slumping Lamp Shades

Create the perfect mood lighting for your office, den or any room in your home. Ridges give shade a beautiful fluted dimension. Creative Paradise's durable ceramic molds can be many times over. Kiln wash before use. Measures 10-1/2 wide by 3-3/4 deep.
Click on View User Manual to download Step-by-Step instructions. Project guide features no drill assembly, fusing tips for glass selection, and firing schedule.

Images courtesy of Creative Paradise.

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Julie Bedford

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