A Fresh Look at Easter


Spring projects are popping up all over our artist gallery. Likewise, magazines and home dcor stores are filling up with familiar springtime subjects like butterflies, flowers, eggs, bunnies and chicks. Each of these Easter symbols has a special meaning (and since our Facebook fans have told us they love Easter), we're devoting extra effort to this colorful holiday.


Butterflies are a popular spring subject in home dcor, fashion and art (Pier one and Artful Home have some amazing butterfly items for inspiration!)

The butterfly represents change, resurrection, transformation and celebration. A butterfly brings a sense of freedom and joy to any project. Check out Delphi's new Artist Trend page to see some amazing butterfly projects from Delphi's Artist Gallery.

Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies are arguably the most popular Easter flower. The white blossoms represent purity and new life. Daffodils and tulips are also popular spring flowers. Their colorful blooms are a welcome change from the snowy winter landscape.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs became a popular Easter symbol in Medieval Europe. Eggs were forbidden during lent and thus were a cherished Easter gift for children. Eggs also symbolize new life and fertility. Chicks, born from eggs, are also a symbol of new life.

The Easter Rabbit

In legend, the Easter Rabbit brings baskets filled with treats to children on the night before Easter. Rabbits or hares became well-known symbols of the season because they give birth to large litters in early spring.They have come to represent fertility and new life. For more great ideas, project guides, patterns and supply lists, visit Delphi's Easter Center.

Artist credit: Top left butterfly project, William Bond; Lily project, Lisle Sager; Egg project, George Greene and Rabbit project, Debby Widolf.

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julie h.  •  August 29, 2011
The butterfly on the trend page is a artist original. Here is one that is similar from Stained Glass News. By adding details with wire you will get the same look. http://www.delphiglass.com/stained-glass-patterns/more-free-patterns/free-sgn-pattern-55
Linda J.  •  August 27, 2011
Where can I get a pattern for the butterflies on the artist trend page?
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