Cake and Necklaces: Better with Layers


One of the biggest trends in jewelry for 2011 is layering. Layering necklaces appears chic without looking stuffy.

The key to pulling off this look is combining different textures and lengths. Gone are the days of never mixing gold and silver. Dig through your jewelry box for charms, chains and forgotten items, and wear them together for a fresh look. Necklaces in different metal finishes, a string of pearls, and a brightly colored cabochon make an elegant statement on a plain white t-shirt or LBD.

In 2008, we saw this layered look emerge on runways the world over, but it was a subtler approach (perhaps pairing a shorter gold chain with a longer one.)

Now, anything goes. To keep it from getting tacky, (you dont want to end up looking like your crazy aunt Marge) follow these tips:

The chains should be of varying lengths and staggered.

Try mixing metals such as gold, gunmetal, silver and copper in varying shades.

Wrap a strand of pearls, gems, glass beads or organza ribbon around one of the chains to add texture and sparkle.

Delphi now offers metal ball chain in various shades and sizes (see photo at right). We also carry organza necklaces in a variety of colors.

Layer them with your freshly fired glass beads or cabochons and wear them proudly!

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Julie Bedford

Julie Bedford

Julie graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Communications. She worked as a marketing director and graphic designer before coming to work for Delphi as social media manager. Her mother is an artist and inspired Julie's love for art and creativity at a young age. Her hobbies include writing, crafting and social networking.