Dear Delphi: What's Hot in Jewelry Now?


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Dear Delphi,

I am a stay at home Mom who loves jewelry. I am looking at different ideas on how to make some extra income and not be away from my two daughters. I have some basic skills but I am more interested in what is hot on the fashion scene. Can you help?

Thanks for asking, and we think we have some great ideas and simple solutions for you.The big looks today involve color and metal. Some examples of metal that have become extremely popular are fine and medium gauge wires in sliver and sterling. These wires are used as hooks, shapes and handmade intricate designs. The openness of the wire and delicate sheen of the silver or sterling will give enough bling to your designs.I recommend the book Totally Twisted. It is an outstanding reference guide showcasing 20 different designs in a step-by-step method. It also explains how to combine glass and metal wires to create distinctive and unique jewelry pieces.Another great new look in the jewelry arena is beautifully aged stone and earthy designs-with rich patinas and sophisticated designs. Polymer Clay can emulate the real looks of carved stone, ivory or other classic materials. Its simple and inexpensive.As I mentioned earlier, color will play a key role in your jewelry success. Combining color wheel opposites will enhance the look and add brightness and pizzazz. With a little practice we are confident that soon youll be creating beautiful original designs. We wish you luck on your new path of creative jewelry making. Please keep us posted with your progress.

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Delphi Trend Expert John Kershek

Delphi Trend Expert John Kershek

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