Trend Report Part I-Sea and Sky for Interiors


This season will showcase a greater emphasis on blues and greens. This is a clear and clean pallet that embodies a sensation of open spaces. It suggests a new beginning, symbolizing growth and a feeling of hope. Here are the shades to watch for:

Pale Blue: A clean and clear blue, suggesting sky, air and energy. It feels pure, breathable and induces a feeling of contentment.

True Green: A symobl of growth; a fresh color that goes with anything, just look outside at the grass. A flexible color. Works well with existing "2000's" colors, and can be treated as classic or contemporary. A very balanced and restful shade.

Turq Green: A soothing and calming color. A hint of spark and invigoration to the eye. A "wow" color that can make you feel like you're escaping to a beautiful tropical destination.

Pale Blue Green: A light watercolor. Very airy; gives a feeling of openness and can be used to "expand" a space's size.

Taupe: A classic color that has become a basic neutral. A green undertone makes blues and greens pop. When paired with white, this shade becomes part of the new 2010 classics.

Pale Gray: This is a warm, mellow gray compared to the past harsh graphite charcoals. This is a clean color when paired with warm yellows and greens. This color will show greater contrast when featured with white. A color that can be urban when teamed with stainless steel.

Saddle Brown: An earthy color rich in hue. Works wonderfully with mossy greens, sages and pale greens. A perfect companion to lavendars, purples and periwinkles.

Willow: A calming new neutral. Gives new life to browns, pale blues and other ice colors. A clean new color that makes wonderful stripe combinations.

These colors are wonderful for large areas like walls. They are also perfect for patterns in textiles, rich upholstery and toss pillows. Make wonderful tablescapes with these shades. Pair with natural woods, mid-tone stain blinds and countertops. Mono-chromatic themes using various colors within the same family will give the room depth and layers of colors.

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Delphi Trend Expert John Kershek

Delphi Trend Expert John Kershek

John has spent many years of his career in the fashion and trend industries. He has created numerous products that have combined the most up-to-date looks with functionality. John has been a global traveler and has searched many countries and cities for the next new color or emerging new lifestyle trend. In one article, John was noted for his “sensible taste, his acute color awareness and practical approach to fashion.” Throughout his career, John has championed new products that have become instant best sellers. “I always want to show how an average person can change up his or her environment by adding dashes of color, a new pattern or a quick twist of everyday objects. I believe global fashions or trends are instant to all people, regardless of where they live. Each of us can see new colors or trends in many different ways. I enjoy showcasing fresh ideas or concepts and watch as YOU make them relative to your own space,” said John. John explains how colors and trends ebb and flow in our daily lives. He teaches us how a “creative eye” can jump start a new fresh approach in our personal spaces.