Heat Things Up with Winter-Themed Stained Glass Packs

Winter is a wonderful time for projects that warm us up. Whether we’re making something that depicts the chilly winter weather or creating something sunny and tropical to help us think warm thoughts, any of the winter variety glass packs are a fabulous choice.
When it comes to stained glass supplies, these sets of eight sheets of 8”x8” glass in assorted color schemes including blue and white hues as well as creamy whites with touches of warm color will bring your next stained glass project to life. Whether you use it to create lamps, panels, doors, or décor, there are no limits to what your imagination can dream up.
These winter glass packs of stained glass are a lot like how we look at life. It all depends on how we look at life. Some of us will look at these sets of colors and instantly think of windy, blustery snow-filled days. Some will look at that cold and depict it in a positive way, embracing the art that winter burns into us with her frigid blasts of air to create stained glass projects that celebrate winter. Meanwhile, others will feel inspired to lament the colder temperatures and endless snow, and perhaps showcase this in a more melancholy yet no less beautiful way.
And still, others of us will look at it and suddenly see stained glass patterns in our mind of waves crashing on a sunny beach shore. Bright blue skies or even partly cloudy, they’ll pull all the warmth they can and shine things in a vibrant light. They’ll see deserts and flowers and feel the heat. It’s all in your imagination, and these color schemes in the winter stained glass packs can help you unleash your inner creativity.
When you look at these colors, what stained glass projects come to your mind? Sketching them out first on paper helps solidify your ideas and helps you to plan them accordingly. Because we all know too well that we must measure and cut precisely or the pieces won’t come together just right. Stained glass projects are indeed for the planner in all of us. There’s no winging it here. Even abstract patterns aren’t random. So much planning goes into getting it just right.
Don’t forget that when you order your winter glass packs from Delphi, they are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll never have to worry that they won’t arrive intact. What will you create with one of these winter-themed stained glass packs? Send us your finished results and we’ll display them in our gallery.
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Jenn Raskin

Jenn Raskin

Jennifer Raskin is an internationally published writer with a not-so-secret craft obsession. She joined the Delphi team to combine two of her favorite things - writing and creating art. In her spare time, she loves to play with her kids, cook, write and have craft parties with her friends.