Hot Summer Colors and What to Do With Them


Yellow, red and sizzling orange are three of summer 2011s hottest colors.

These colors are stunning in glass. In fact, red has always been a coveted color in stained glass, and remains one of Delphis best-selling hues.

According to Jaymes Richardson of Civility Design ( for HGTV, When you have accents of red, it draws attention to other things you might not even notice in the room, Richardson says. The whole idea is to entice, intrigue [and] invite without clubbing you over the head and dragging you in.

Red and orange are great colors for art glass accents like candleholders, bowls, vases, sculptures, etc. And yellow glass accessories are great for brightening a room with little sunlight. Create a pendant lamp in yellow or red for a dramatic pop of color.

David Bromstad, host of Color Splash on HGTV says, Hot colors like reds and oranges will energize you and get you ready to tackle the day.

Just be leery when you fire your next set of red or orange dishes, as these shades supposedly stimulate appetite (they say if youre on a diet, eat off of a blue plate).

Red, orange and yellow all look great against neutrals like white, tan, grey and brown. But they also work with complementary colors like turquoise and navy.

Visit our Artist Gallery Trend Page to see summer color projects that caught our eye.

Artist credit:

Orange and yellow soap dish by Katrina Palmieri.

Martini Glass by Pamela Rice. The individual parts of this martini glass were formed fused separately, then tack fused together and coldworked to complete the piece. The stem accents cast-glass base were created from pot melts of transparent opaque reds oranges. The martini bowl was formed using pale amber glass slumped through a drop-out mold. The glass is approx. 4-1/2 tall.

Red and Yellow Fused Glass Pendant Lamps by Delphi Artist Julie Haan.

Sun on Earth Pendant by Olga Kamayeva.

Stained Glass Vase by Colleen Burdsall. Each side has an orange glass background with the red and yellow curving through. The glass has a whispy pattern so although all pieces were cut from the same color sheets, each side of the vase has a slightly different look.

Looking for a particular color? Use our glass color finder to help you choose!

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Julie Bedford

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