Resurrect your Creativity with Our Free Easter eBook


If you’re looking for some inspiration so you can ring in spring with a festive seasonal piece, get your copy of Delphi’s free Easter eBook. Did I mention it’s free?

Easter is on March 27th this year and wouldn’t it be great to make something beautiful to display for Easter dinner? You’ll definitely want to take a look at the projects featured in the free Easter eBook, where every artist can find creative motivation from stained glass to glass fusing to mosaics to glass jewelry.

If you’re looking for fused glass ideas, the fused glass bunny dish would be an adorable addition to your Easter table. You can let it just be art or you can give it some jellybeans to hold for the kids.

For a grand Easter decoration that you can put up in the window, try the stained glass cross panel. When the light from the spring sun hits it, it will light up your room and your heart with love.

If you like using recyclables to create your works of art, try making the mosaic bunny vase using a recycled bottle. You can use our included mosaic pattern or you can let your own imagination run wild. Either way, it will make such a beautiful centerpiece with fresh cut flowers. Not into vases? You can create a stunning centerpiece by converting plastic Easter eggs into works of art with a mosaic makeover. They’ll look elegant and festive in nice decorative basket.

Perhaps something special to pin onto your best Easter clothing is in order. Easter animals like bunnies and little chicks make for a sweet way to celebrate the arrival of spring. Plus, they’ll make great gifts for your loved ones.

As you welcome in spring, don’t forget that no celebration would be complete without a decadent cake to finish off the meal. And for a cake like that, you’ll want to serve it on a plate that is worthy of such a display. The spring tulips cake plate is the perfect way to show off your glass fusing skills, as well as your cake baking skills.

Of course, you might just be the sort who has grand ideas all your own. Let the free Easter eBook be your stimulation in rebirthing new ideas for your next project. We want to see what you come up with. Show us your Easter or spring best by uploading your photos to our gallery. Be sure to use the tag “Easter” when you load it too!

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Antonette B.  •  April 14, 2016
Why don't I see solder lines? Is there a different way to create stained glass pictures, etc. without soldering? Or lead came?
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Kayla D.  •  April 14, 2016
Different techniques include glass on glass mosaics or painting on transparent glass to give art a stained glass look without the use of solder or came.
Jenn Raskin

Jenn Raskin

Jennifer Raskin is an internationally published writer with a not-so-secret craft obsession. She joined the Delphi team to combine two of her favorite things - writing and creating art. In her spare time, she loves to play with her kids, cook, write and have craft parties with her friends.