Special Order Bullseye Fusible Glass

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item: 110125F
item: B100930
item: 110121F
Bullseye Clear Soft Ripple - 90 COE
50 stars [1]
Starting at $127.25
item: B110551
item: B120550
item: B140651
item: B410231
item: B010057
item: B140630
item: B182730
item: B011930
item: B011950
Bullseye Mink Opal Thin - 90 COE
Starting at $110.15
item: B020750
Bullseye Celadon Opal Thin - 90 COE
Starting at $97.65
item: B110148
item: B013130
item: B010047
Bullseye Black Prismatic Opal 90 COE
Starting at $180.35
item: B101530
item: B101651
item: B2213CA
item: B2941CA
item: B2964CA
item: B014330
item: B023630
item: B110145
Bullseye Clear Accordion - 90 COE
Starting at $108.75
item: B013150
Bullseye Artichoke Opal Thin - 90 COE
Starting at $110.15
item: B112631
item: B024130
item: B024150
item: B1401F
item: B312621
item: B000950
item: B010043
Bullseye Black Opal Reed - 90 COE
Starting at $161.95
item: B011750
item: B014530
item: B020730
item: B022750
item: B023650
item: B03103F
item: B100951
item: B110137
item: B110146
item: B110154
item: B110156
item: B110157
item: B110158
item: B112951
item: B132231
item: B133430
item: B140160
item: B140930
item: B140931
item: B142850
item: B14293F
item: B143731
item: B2130F
item: B2209F
item: B4116F
item: B4437F
Bullseye White Chopstix - 90 COE
Starting at $181.55
item: 110122F
item: B01393F

Specially formulated fusible glass is tested for it's COE rating (coefficient of expansion) and is designed specifically for kiln firing. Delphi carries a wide selection of both 90 and 96 COE (coefficient of expansion) fusible glass in a variety of textures and colors.

Delphi Tip: See our Fusing Supplies to find project books, beginner kits, tools and embellishments to fire up your creativity.

Please Note: Never mix 90 and 96 COE glass in a project. It will cause stress and result in your piece breaking. When fusing, fire with one COE if combining glass pieces.