Special Order Irid

Unit Size* Price
sheet 20" x 32" $193.95 USD

Standard shipping requires 'sheet' size to be cut into 2 large pieces
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item: 110125F
item: B110148
item: B112631
item: B132231
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item: B143731
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item: B420231
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item: B120731
item: B121531
item: B123431
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item: B110132
item: B110731
item: B111231
item: B132031
item: B140531

Find more textured and standard thickness fusible iridescent glass by browsing our special order items. All special order glass is sold in full sheets. Bullseye Fusible Glass measures approximately 32" x 20" unless otherwise noted. Approximate delivery time is 4 weeks.

This is a non-stock item ordered especially for you. There are no cancellations on orders once they are placed and this item is NON-RETURNABLE. Products will not be billed until they are shipped.