A Grade Front Surface Mirror - 12" x 16" Sheet

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  • Grade A mirror for creating stunning kaleidoscopes
  • Top quality, scratch resistant and bright, highly reflective
  • 12" x 16" sheet is good for multiple projects

Product Description

Top Grade Mirror for First Class Kaleidoscopes
Create the best kaleidoscopes possible by using A-Grade front surface mirror. Made by vacuum depositing a highly reflective aluminum coating onto the front of glass. Light reflects off the aluminized surface without passing through a distortion layer of glass. In a kaleidoscope, it presents a brilliant image which remains clear and bright unlike regular mirrors, where images are dim or even blurry.

A-Grade is our highest quality mirror. It offers an enhanced scratch-resistant coating and the most reflective, brightest surface, with optimum quality glass substrate. Available in 12" x 16" sheets, enough to make multiple kaleidoscopes. Measures .048" thick.

Delphi Tip: Front Surface Mirror requires a lighter score to cut. The backing should remain on while cutting to protect the mirror from fingerprints and scratches. Use your hands to run the score, it should break easily with light pressure. Use a craft knife to cut the backing to separate pieces from the sheet (shown in additional images), and remove the backing just before assembly for best results.