1/4" Silver Backed Foil - 1.2 Mil

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Product Features

  • Flexible copper foil created for the stained glass artisan
  • High tack and heat resistant adhesive back securely holds foil in place
  • Use with transparent glass when you will be leaving solder seams silver
  • Use wider 1/4" size when foiling thicker and textured glass

Product Description

Top quality, Venture brand foil. 108 feet long. 1.2mil thick. 1/4" wide.

Use silver backed foil to match lead solder and other non-stained metals. 1/4" tape is used for stained glass and slightly thicker glass.

Project by artist Beth Kauffman. From "Illuminations" book #5997.

Delphi Tip: Choosing the Correct Foil
When using transparent glass and bevels, choose your foil based on the color of your solder seams.

  • Choose copper backed foil if using a copper patina
  • Choose black backed foil if you are using black patina
  • Choose silver backed foil if you are leaving your solder silver
Choose the correct foil image

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