PMC Flex Clay - 50 Gm

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Product Features

  • Create 99.9% fine pure silver jewelry without expensive equipment
  • Stays flexible and workable even days later
  • Can be fired with a Hot Pot, hand held torch, SpeedFire Cone or in a kiln
  • Shrinks about 10-12% during firing

Available Substitutes

item: 67012
PMC3 Clay - 15 Gm

Product Description

Metal clay has revolutionized the way to create fine silver jewelry that is 99% pure silver. PMC Flex gives you even more possibilities! Flex Clay has been specifically formulated to give you extended working time. Unlike other metal clay on the market, PMC Flex does not completely harden at room temperature. This means you can create a project leave it to dry, and come back to it days later. Flex Clay is just as the name states, flexible. You are able to bend, coil and even braid pieces without the clay cracking. The clay will not set up until you heat it to 300 F (150 C) for 20 minutes.

PMC Flex has the same characteristics as PMC3 with a similar firing schedule. There is no need for carbon - this can be fired with a micro torch, hot pot, SpeedFire Cone or kiln. 50 grams is post-fired weight; actual package content weighs more. Shrinks about 10-12% during firing.

Additional images courtesy of Janet Alexander. Cowboy boot created by artist Lynda Hatches. From Delphi's Online Artist Gallery.