Pmc3 Assortment

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Product Features

  • Get 3 types of Metal Clay in 1 convenient assortment!
  • Create 99.9% fine pure silver jewelry without expensive equipment
  • Low-fire formula - Great for firing with glass
  • Can be fired with a Hot Pot, hand held torch, SpeedFire Cone or in a kiln
  • Shrinks about 12% during firing

Product Description

PMC3 clay, paste and syringe work beautifully together to create pure silver works of art. Buy the assortment and save 20%. An excellent value and convenience, giving you artistic freedom in PMC. PMC3 is a lower firing PMC and ideal when firing with glass. Assortment includes 15 gm PMC3 clay, 15 gm PMC3 paste and 9 gm PMC3 pre-filled syringe (all weights post-fire). Clay shrinks about 12% during firing. Compatible with Art Clay Low Fire.

Blue pendant below created by Irina Miech. Purple pendant below created by Mary Ann Devos. From "Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry" book #6715. Multicolor pendant below created by Mary Ann Devos. From "Introduction to PMC" book #6289.

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