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Branching Coral with Crab Diorama Jan. 25 2023
Large, Standing Red Glass Crab Sculpture Jan. 25 2023
Blue Swirl Glass Cyclone Bowl Jan. 25 2023
Shades of Blue Ocean Wave Fused Glass Vase Jan. 25 2023
Fused Glass Jellyfish Wind Chime May. 9 2022
Cascading Glass Wall Art May. 9 2022
Fish Swimming in Coral Branches, Glass Art, Candle Holder Jun. 8 2021
Free-form Glass Sculpture, Candle Holder
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Mar. 19 2021
Southwest Style Glass Wall Air Plant Holder, Air Plant Included
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Mar. 3 2021
Contemporary Black & White Wall Clock
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Mar. 3 2021
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Glass Oasis
Glass Oasis
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joined:Oct 09, 2019
location:Lusby, MD US
display name:NSheridan

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