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I just LOVE doing stained glass. I've been doing glass on and off for years. I'm old fashioned though, I do not use a saw on any of my projects. Many of my designs are original, some are modified, but I enjoy the creativity in coming up with the pattern.
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MrsJake comment on Birds of Paradise I
March 24, 2014

You should have retired earlier! Very nice! Beautiful design, color selection.

MrsJake comment on Somewhere in Time
March 18, 2014

Beautiful. VERY well done. Love your color selection and detail. White grout? I thought it was black :) I've never done glass on glass. Would love to try one.

MrsJake comment on Lily Pads
January 11, 2014

VERY nice work! I would suggest putting them in the gallery individually though so everyone can see all of them :)

MrsJake comment on Aesop's The Lion and the Mouse
September 5, 2013

Well done! Just beautiful!!!!

MrsJake comment on Spring Tulips
April 23, 2013

Congrats! I hadn't seen this one :) Guess Uroboros is good to you! If you could give a tip on photographing a window...what would your advice be?

MrsJake comment on Down The Garden Path
April 14, 2013

Yep, you're my favorite. Your choice of glass and color keeps bringing me back. Good luck :)

MrsJake comment on Gerald
April 13, 2013

Thank you! Is it fused? or just kept together with the foil and solder? Sorry to beso dumb :) I just LOVE this guy! Nice job!

MrsJake comment on Winter Waters
April 12, 2013

Just beautiful! Wish I knew how to do kiln formed glass :)

MrsJake comment on O'Fallon Fire Department
April 6, 2013

nice job! quite a large piece?

MrsJake comment on Belcastel France
March 19, 2013

very nice :) i would recommend putting them on the website seperate so everyone can see all of them. especially the northern lights :)

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