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My husband has been working in stained glass for over 25 years, building, installing, and doing restoration work in the residential, business, and church world. I was drawn into the world of glass when he and a friend parked a glass kiln on my back porch along with a box of glass painting supplies and said, "Learn how to paint on glass!" My work painting Life of Christ medallions and commemorative plaques for church windows soon spread to just about all things glass. From fusing to painting, from sandblasting to etching, from making jewelry to ornaments, from personalizing plates and mugs to designing items you imagine and we try to create, we love glass!
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karnor comment on Tiffany Tree of Life
March 14, 2012

Sorry for the delay in replying MrsJake, but we've had some health and family issues. I asked my husband what glass he used for the berries, but haven't gotten an answer -- my job was just to cut, grind, and copper foil pieces, not pick glass. :o) I do know it had raised bumps on one side. Thanks, CarolElaine and glssl vr - it was definitely a wonderful feeling when we first saw the light come through and yes, we cut every single tiny piece. Some were so small there was barely any peeking out from between the copper foil.

karnor comment on Top 10 Most Popular Art Glass Products of far
March 8, 2012

Although I don't have it (yet), what caught my eye and interest is the Craig Mitchell Smith foliage and flower mold. I've always wanted to make glass flowers and this looks like such a versatile and inexpensive way to do it all!

18 Black Satin Cord Necklaces - 10 Pack

18" Black Satin Cord Necklaces - 10 Pack

Item# 91817
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ok for most projects, March 23, 2010 3 stars
Black satin cord looks great with almost any project. It's very convenient to have the necklace pre-made. Leaves more time to work on the actual art piece!
The silver plated clasp/crimps don't have a high quality appearance. They almost look like silver coated plastic. If you have a really elegant piece, I'd put a little more $$ into a higher quality necklace.
Other Thoughts
Overall good for the price although the quality of the clasps leaves a little to be desired. I'll definitely be buying more for general projects. You can't beat the price compared to buying supplies and spending time making your own.
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