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This year I was fortunate to work , share and teach conversational English through Art, at a school for girls in rural India,

 I wanted a memory

 I call my work,  3D ' painting with glass'

 there is one teacher, 6 girls from my 6th grade, all dancing,

each student is recognisable, and very different,

the teacher has multiple bangles,

the girls have  a uniform and yellow and green ribbons in hair,

 one glass bead represents each student I taught,

  the colours around the edge represent  the beautiful, vibrant colours of  the saris.

 amazing how much pride and  color there is in the poorest of the poor , lowest of the lowest  cast,  villages

 an experience I will never forget espically when I see this glass work !,

Art Glass Festival 2011 entry
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011
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It is such an amazing piece, full of life, color, positive energy. Radiating with happiness. I like how much though you put into it. Good use of colors Great job.