3D Dreamscape

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 Step one of this was to flamework the grass, flowers, leaves and tree trunk from a 90 COE fusing glass.

 Step two was to do a complete fuse of the sky, pine trees (from frit) and to embed some of the leaves and grasses into the piece.

 Step three was to do a partial fuse to add the rest of the flameworked grass and leaves to the surface in order to create visual depth.

 Step four was to custom fabricate the base and rest of the tree by plasma cutting the leaves and branches then welding them all together to create the 3D effect.


It was a lot of planning and work but it’s truly one of a kind and well worth the effort  

Art Glass Festival 2011 entry


Friday, March 18, 2011
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way cool like this i was planning a 3D piece but got stuck on how to do that , but really like this 1