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Spectacular northern lights fused glass panel was designed and created by FUSED GLASS BY DESIGN.

Each piece of glass was cut by hand and layered multiple times to create added depth to the panel. The panel was kiln pressed for a watercolor technique in the swirling northern light sky.

The moon is a dichroic textured glass which was fused unto the panel in its second firing. The panel was coldworked into a  8.25"x8.25"(20.955cmx20.955cm) square. A clear glass top layer was added and fused.

The glass decals were fired on for a permanent finish.

This panel is a beautiful and unique piece of glass art which could be displayed anywhere is your home.

Art Glass Festival 2012 entry


Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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Oh dear, now I want to branch out (pardon the pun!) and try fusion. What a spectacular piece! Everything works so beautifully together. There is a real sense of depth and the vibrancy of the lit sky really comes across with the glass choices you have made!