A Sunset On the Ocean V Fused Glass

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This is definitely a OOAK fused glass Sunset On the Ocean, The scattering of frit and dichroic glass makes this indeed a one of a kind festive beach sunset! You can just see the last of the sunlight for the day glistening on the waves as they fall into the darkness or touch the remaining light. It is cobalt blue and oranges as the light skips between the shadows to stay alive. It measures The inspiration for this piece and the whole series of 'the Sea At Dusk" works has been my time spent living in Florida and my love for the sea during many weather conditions. the choppiness of some waves, the waves breaking on the shore, the last bit of sunlight dancing on the waves, the sandy coolness of the damp sand as the beach falls into shadows... all give way to the colors, lines and shapes depicted in this piece.I hope you enjoy the feelings you get from viewing it as much as I have enjoyed creating it! The fused glass is hand cut, ground, kiln fired and properly annealed for durability in the studio making each a lasting work of art. These were full fused and properly annealed in a computer programmed kiln.

Art Glass Festival 2014 entry