The Trek

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The Trek is inspired by the arctic and the animals that call it home, particularly the polar bear. This piece depicts the polar bear's arduous voyage across the frozen landscape to find food and survive. The journey is continuous and treacherous which is represented by the ice going off the edge of the vessel and showing no ending point. The change in the once frozen environment is making this trek harder on the animals that inhabit there, as the ice is melting. This can be seen on the back side of the vessel which has just two small pieces of ice that are not large enough for the polar bear to stand on. The trek is meant to show the beauty of the arctic and the majestic polar bear on its journey. The Trek is blown glass, with “icebergs” added hot during the blowing process. The flameworked and enameled small sculpture of the polar bear complete the piece.

Art Glass Festival 2015 entry