Stained Glass Panel "Deep Blue Sea"

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Copper Foil/Stained Glass Panel with 80+ pieces. The glasses range from clear gentle aqua blues to purple. The textures were varied from wavy to ripple to provide flow. The inclusion of smooth German jewels captures the motion of the sea. The rounded lead came as well as the copper foil were chemically treated to achieve a touch of contrast. The black rounded genuine wood frame along with its fillet gives the artwork the complete sense of movement.

“Deep Blue Sea” has American glass, Canadian lead came, American copper foil, German glass jewels and American wood frame. The whole design and assembly were done at Evettro’s SoCal Studio.

For many, the Sea awakes feelings of memory, trust, continuous regeneration and wisdom.

“Deep Blue Sea” intends to capture the incessant renaissance of ideas, feelings and the constant pursue of spiritual fulfillment.

Material used:
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