Stained Glass Panel "Sleepy Irises"

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Art Nouveau stained glass hanging panel with 50+ pieces. The opalescence of the glasses gives a complete sense of privacy, but when the light transmits through it, the warm and greatness of the artwork come to live. The smooth white glass in the background allows the wispy texture of the green and blue lilac glasses bring a tridimensional effect. The rounded lead came was chemically treated to achieve a vintage touch, and the golden Art Nouveau wood frame give to “Sleepy Irises” a sense of romantic sophistication.

The piece has American glass, Canadian lead came and American wood frame. The whole redesign and assembly were done at SoCal.

The Art Nouveau ornamental style of flourished between 1890 and 1910 throughout Europe and the United States. It is characterized by its use of long, sinuous and organic lines, inspired by the form of flower stalks, vine tendrils, insect wings, and other delicate and natural objects.

In Greek, the word “iris” translates as “rainbow”; while the Greek word “eiris”, means “messenger”. To Greek mythology, the Goddess Iris delivered messages from the Gods and the Underworld, travelling along rainbows as she moved between heaven and earth, which explains the iris definition rainbow. 

“Sleepy Irises” is a romantic message of faith and hope.


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