Salt Water Reef Tank Lamp


This is a custom lamp to cover the light fixtures for a 200g saltwater reef tank. It was a family project, my mother worked out the details of the colors, fit, assembly and stained glass work. I pulled the dimensions and course pattern/design togerther, and credit goes to my father for fabricating the steel frame that the panels rest on.  

The lamp is approximately 6ft long and 1ft wide at base and tapers up to a classic pool hall style lamp finish, It was designed with the mindset that it would receive reflected light and not be back lit, so vibrant opaques and deep rich blues were used, colors range from opaque black glass to yellow mirror. 

It is a living work of art in my home that I stare at every day,  Gratitude and thanks go out to many people. 




Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2017 entry
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