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Inner Child two sided face beads


Do you know those crazy voices in your head that can be happy or sad? I call these beads an "early warning indicator" of your mood. I am making 100 for the Beads of Courage Program that gives children with life threatening illnesses beads- they can let someone know  if it is a good or bad day just by changing the direction of the bead... so far the local children love them - the crazier the colors and more "bugged out" the eyes the better! 

A doctor friend tells them that no matter how loud the voices get - their heads will not explode! but these guys look like they might expand anyway!


Check out Beads of Courage program on line- they do great work! They accept hand made and commercially made beads - but no metalic based glass colors please as they might react with the child's skin. It is a non profit charity.


Made of 104 glass flameworked about 1/2 inch 


Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2017 entry
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