The Sentinel

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The Sentinel was created with a wine box, Reuche black paint, a dip pen and brushes.  I am always looking for alternative ways to display my work, in order to best represent the subject, and allow others to place the work according to there preferences.

For over 30 years my family has had a summer home on Marquette Island in the Les Cheneaux Islands, which is near Mackinaw Island. The only way to get to the island is by boat.  Boats and the island have always been a part of my life.  A Raven is alwys sitting in a tall pine above the docks, watching all that come and go on the island.

My fused drawings/painting are from what I term emotional memories.  Images that tend to pop into one's mind at an odd moment, and bring back everything, from; fellings, smells, weather, the time, place and people.  I use a dip pen to draw the image on the surface of the glass and brushes to apply the washes.  My lines represent the constant motion I feel when I am on the island.  The weather can change in a moment, causing the water, wind and sky to go from calm to violent and light to dark.

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2017 entry
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