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Flowering Water Lily


This lamp is from the Oddessy System of Tiffany Style lamp shades. The lamp shade was constructed using a 20 inch Oddessy form and had 420 pieces.  The artist chose to highlight the pink of the water lilies with deep blues and greens of the background.  The artist used different intensity of the green colors in the leaves with the turned up edge.

The artist used the copper foil method of construction and placed each piece on the Oddessy Lamp form designed for the Water Lily lamp.  Quality Youghiogheny glass was used to provide the rich colors evident in the lamp.  The lamp base is a 20 inch base with 3 bulbs from the Oddessy collection of lamp bases.

The view from overhead, showcases the design and the contrast between the blue of the background and green of the leaves with the varying shades of Pink seen in the flowers themselves.  

The artist loves all things water and floral, so this design was a natural progression for the artist who completed this lamp after only 2 years of Stained Glass experience.

Material used:
Light Up Our Gallery Contest
2017 entry
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